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17th Turnip Prize finalists announced

'Danger Mouse' is among the finalists for this year's Turnip Prize

Entries called Danger Mouse and Staple Diet are among the finalists for this year's Turnip Prize due to be announced tonight.

The spoof of the art world's Turner Prize has been running for 17 years, with awards for the least effort made.

Judging is due to be held at the New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset.

'Staple Diet' is among the finalists for this year's Turnip Prize

Winners receive a turnip nailed to a block of wood, and in previous years entries have been submitted from as far a field as Canada, the USA, Germany and Italy.

Organiser Trevor Prideaux said this year's entries were of "the usual poor standard".

The shortlist of entries has been reduced to just six, from 69 submitted.

A 'clean slate' - a Piece of Slate with nothing on it


Turnip Prize goes topical

The winner of the spoof Turnip Prize has been announced at a pub in Somerset.

The competition is billed as an antidote to the prestigious Turner Prize which is announced the same night.

Chiwetel Ejiofor (left) with the Irish-born artist Duncan Campbell who has won this year's Turner Prize for his series of films called It for Others Credit: PA

While the Turner Prize is sometimes controversial in its choice of winners (notably Tracy Emin and her bed), it is nothing to compare with the Turnip Prize, where the judges reward the lack of effort taken by the artists.

There were 69 entries in the competition and it seems this year's finalists for the much sought after turnip on a nail have taken the rule to heart.

One of the Turnip Prize finalists: A pen and a sieve. Get it? Credit: Turnip Prize
Another finalist: A walnut. With red hair. Yes Credit: Turnip Prize
And here's another - an empty box of swimming goggles just has to be Credit: Turnip Prize

In the end the judges went for possible the most topical entry - a tribute to the newest party in parliament - UKIP.

It was awarded to Ms Drunken Shepherd for her work entitled “Ewe Kip” (A Sleeping Sheep). See what she did there?

I am delighted with the lack of effort taken to create the work, I’m sure at least one beer swilling MP will be looking to purchase this work of *rubbish* art.

– Trevor Prideaux, Organiser
Ms Drunken Shepherd with her entry and the coveted Turnip Prize Credit: Turnip Prize