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Wiltshire police statement on taser CCTV

Wiltshire police provided ITV News Westcountry with a statement giving their reasons for not releasing the CCTV showing an officer using a taser on a suspect.

Wiltshire would like to reiterate the decision that we would not be releasing the CCTV at this stage.The Chief Constable has made this decision due to the on-going misconduct proceedings in relation to this case.We would like to thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

– Wiltshire Police

ITV News West Country has now obtained the CCTV showing the moment PC Lee Birch, of Wiltshire Police, used the taser on Daniel Dove inside a police cell. A jury at Bristol Crown Court cleared the officer of assault.

Watch the video here.



Officer that fired taser charged with misconduct

A police officer has gone on trial after firing a taser gun at a man who had been strip searched.

PC Lee Birch, of Wiltshire Police, is accused of actual bodily harm and misconduct in a public office.

A jury at Bristol Crown Court was shown CCTV footage of the moment the man fell to the floor after the electricity passed through his body.

Taser victim "embarrassed" by strip search

Daniel Dove told the court he complied with the police up until the point he felt he was being humiliated.

"I felt embarrassed, he said. "I flicked my pants at him because I was annoyed at what he had done.

"I didn't know he (PC Birch) had a taser. He pulled it from behind his back and shot me with it. I think it was unrational (sic) to use it."

Under cross-examination Mr Dove denied being abusive and threatening club door staff. He also refuted kneeing a police officer in the groin during his arrest.

Jury shown CCTV footage

A jury has been shown the moment a police officer shot a man with a taser after the victim flicked him in the face with his underpants.

31 year old PC Lee Birch is standing trial at Bristol Crown Court accused of actual bodily harm and misconduct in a public office.

Daniel Dove was taken to Melksham police station after being arrested outside a Trowbridge night club in December 2012. It is alleged he then assaulted PC Birch and his colleague.

During a strip search, CCTV cameras shown to the jury reveal Mr Dove flicking his boxer shorts at PC Birch.

CCTV footage then shows the police officer, having earlier withdrawn the taser, firing it into Mr Dove's chest.

The victim is then seen to fall to the ground and PC Birch is heard shouting "that's the second time you have assaulted me."

Police appeal over missing father and son

Geoffrey Tomlinson, aged 41, and Jack Tomlinson, aged 9. Credit: Wiltshire Police

Wiltshire Police are appealing for help to find a missing father and son. Geoffrey Tomlinson, 41, and his 9-year-old son Jack were last seen at their home in Hardens Mead in Chippenham yesterday morning.

Mr Tomlinson is described as slim with shaved brown hair, and Jack is taller than average for his age and of medium build.

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