Baby bustards reared from Spanish eggs

The team re-introducing the Giant Bustard to Wiltshire are increasing the number of birds they rear there and bringing in eggs from Spain.

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Service takes place at stone-age style burial chamber

A service has taken place at the first stone-age style burial chamber to be built in more than 5000 years.

It's called a Longbarrow. And was used by neolithic men and women to inter their dead. A landowner has built one at All Cannings, near Devizes in Wiltshire. And the first ceremony has been held this week. Our Wiltshire correspondent Robert Murphy reports.


Government plans for hospital food "won't make a difference"

A campaigner from Bath says government plans to improve food in hospitals don't go far enough.

Mark Sparrow spent 10 weeks in hospital documenting his experience and ever since has campaigned to change things. Now new rules are being brought in and hospitals that don't meet the standards could be fined and publically named and shamed.

Hurricane will bring sunshine to the West

Hurricane set to bring sunshine to the west
Hurricane set to bring sunshine to the west

A tropical hurricane in the Bahamas could bring another hot spell to the west country next week. Hurricane Cristobal is currently making its way across the Atlantic. But forecasters say unlike Hurricane Bertha-which brought strong winds and heavy rain to the region- Cristobal will miss the region entirely and bring sunshine from the continent.


New food standards for the region's hospitals

Hospital food is set to improve
Hospital food is set to improve

Hospitals across the West will be expected to comply with new food standards, the government has announced.

A report by the Hospital Food Standards Panel, led by Dianne Jeffrey, Chairman of Age UK, is recommending five legally-binding food standards for the NHS, which has worked with royal colleges and nutritional experts to come up with the new rules. It comes after recent criticism of food standards at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

1 in 10 parents skip meals to feed their children

Families in the South West are struggling to deal with rising costs of living. A mother from Bristol describes how she has to find savings on food in order to meet household costs.

The charity Shelter claims that more than a third of working parents are cutting back on food spending to cope with increasing housing costs. With 1 in 10 even skipping meals.

What we need to see the Government do is make sure the safety net is strong, so if people lose their jobs, or their income falls off a cliff they don't lose their homes straight away, and can take that chance to get back on their feet.

– Shelter
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