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Two die in South Wiltshire crash

The crash happened at Codford just before 6pm on 22 July Credit: ITV News

Two people have died after a crash between a car and motorbike in South Wiltshire.

It happened just before 6 o'clock yesterday evening, 22 July, at Codford where the A36 meets the High Street.

Both people who were local to the area were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have asked witnesses to contact them.

The West's green spaces win green flags

The Botanical Gardens at Victoria Park in Bath Credit: Richard Collett

90 parks and green spaces across the South West have been awarded Green Flags today for being among the best in the country.

Among those recognised are Royal Victoria Park in Bath and Hatherley Park in Cheltenham.

Hatherley Park in Cheltenham. Credit: ITV West Country

You can find out which parks in your area have won green flags here.


How to help your child if they are suffering from Gender Identity Issues

What is Gender Identity Disorder?

Gender dyphoria which is also known as Gender Identity Disorder, applies to someone who is unhappy with their biological sex and wishes to belong to the other one.

This happens when a young person feels that they have been born in the wrong body, that they should have been a girl if you were born a boy or vice-versa.

In most people their gender identity is the same as their sex but in a few people their gender identity and sex do not match and this can cause distress.

The charity Mermaid, who offer support to children and teenagers with gender identify issues, say they recognise that there are problems within the current systems in place to help young people.

However, they say the earlier signs of Gender Identity Issues can be recognised, the sooner help can be given within the NHS.

The charity would encourage families to get in touch with them to help provide expert advice and support:


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