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"Banksy's friend told me to take it"

As "Mobile Lovers", the latest work by street artist Banksy is removed from Clement Street in Bristol, the leader of a struggling youth project says he was urged to take it by a friend of the artist.

"I was approached by somebody who knows Banksy very well. He's an artist himself and he said 'you need to take that Dennis, get it into that club - it's what it is meant for'. Banksy never does his street art on pieces of wood - they are always on walls so they can't be taken away.

We need £120,000 to keep going and our fundraising appeal has so far only brought a few thousand pounds.

Now we've ended up with a Banksy on our doorstep.

It is a dream come true. I'm absolutely buzzing.

We have taken it off the wall carefully, it isn't damaged at all. If anyone wants to see it they can come in here and put a donation in the box if they feel like it.

If we hadn't taken it, someone would have ripped it from the wall or vandalised it.

– Dennis Stinchcombe, Broad Plain & Riverside Youth Project

Bristol Banksy removed to protect it from vandals

The Banksy mural before it was removed from Clement Street Credit: ITV News West Country

The latest work by street artist Banksy has been moved to protect it from vandals.

The mural of two lovers taking more interest in their mobiles than each other was spotted in Clement Street in the artist's home city of Bristol.

It's been taken in by the nearby Broad Plain youth club who say people can come to see it - for a donation to the struggling club's fund-raising appeal.


Government increases farmers' flood fund share

The Environment Secretary has revealed that just a small proportion of the fund set up to help farmers recover from the floods has actually been spent.

So far just 40 farmers have been successful in claiming any money from the £10m fund - with many complaining it is too difficult or too complicated to apply.

Until now farmers in affected areas have been able to apply for up to £5,000. Today Owen Paterson was in Somerset to announce that was rising to £35,000.

Robert Murphy reports:

If you're a farmer and need some help applying for the flood recovery fund, you can ring Somerset County Council on 01823 355427 and speak to Abigail Vickery and Anne Langdon.

Concern for elderly man who's gone missing in Taunton

92-year-old William Evans hasn't been seen since Friday 11 April Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

Police are searching for an elderly man who has gone missing from his home in Taunton.

William Evans, who is 92, was last seen on Friday when he went into Taunton town centre. He did not attend his regular church service on Sunday.

Officers say they are increasingly concerned for his welfare because of his age and for health reasons.

Rail line electrification causing chaos in Lyneham

People in Wiltshire say road and bridge closures in the county are causing chaos. Work is taking place ahead of the electrification of the rail line between Bristol and London.

As part of the work one of the main bridges near Lyneham has been closed by Network Rail.

Now three other roads have been shut by the council for safety and people living nearby face diversions of up to 20 miles.

Katie Rowlett reports:

New Banksy mural next to city centre boys club

An international hunt for the latest Banksy work has been solved after it was discovered - in his home town.

The elusive artist created the picture of a couple embracing while looking at their mobile phones at the weekend and posted it on his website yesterday.

He gave no information about the location of the ironic image, leaving fans around the world searching for its whereabouts.

But the new 'Mobile Lovers' piece was quickly spotted on a boarded-up doorway in Clement Street on the edge of Bristol city centre.

One of the first people to see the image was Dennis Stinchcombe, 58, who runs the nearby Broad Plain Boys Club.

I think it is beautiful, I'm a fan of his work. Whatever way you look at it the man is a genius.

It isn't bad graffiti, like this tagging nonsense you see - it is a real work of art.

The area round here I would say is pretty poor and we are having to raise £120,000 to keep our youth group.

Maybe this will be the answer - it will certainly raise the profile of the area.

People have been coming and going all afternoon, I've never seen the area so busy.

– Dennis Stinchcombe, Broad Plain Boys Club


Environment Secretary accepts farmers' criticism

The Environment secretary, Owen Paterson, has accepted criticism from farmers who have complained it is too difficult to apply for flood recovery money.

The minister was in Somerset this morning to announce the next phase of funding.

Until now, flooded farmers could only apply for up to £5,000. Now they can apply for £35,000 worth of relief.

But some farmers say the forms are too complicated and difficult to complete.

If you're a farmer and need some help applying for the flood recovery fund, you can ring Somerset County Council on 01823 355427 and speak to Abigail Vickery and Anne Langdon.

Revealed! New Banksy is in Bristol

The mystery location for Banksy's latest work has been revealed - it's in his home city of Bristol.

A photo of the mural of two lovers taking more interest in their mobile phones than each other went up on his website yesterday but its location was kept a mystery.

The mystery location on Credit:
Clement Street in Bristol is the mystery Banksy location. Credit: ITV News West Country / Martha Holeyman
How Clement Street looks on Google's Street View. Credit: Google Maps

Eagle-eyed fans spotted it in Clement Street, just off the M32, and next to the entrance of Broad Plain Boys' Club.

Mystery still surrounds a work showing secret agents in Cheltenham which also appeared over the weekend.

The mural has been dubbed 'Mobile Lovers' on some street art blogs. Credit: ITV News West Country / Martha Holeyman
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