Dewani Case Adjourned

The judge presiding over the case of a man accused of ordering the contract killing of his wife has adjourned the case to 18 September to consider psychiatric reports from experts.

Dewani remains 'risk of suicide', says defence

The defence of Shrien Dewani have quoted his psychiatrist today saying that he has made some progress with his mental health, remains on drug treatment and is in compulsory detention in a psyciatric unit until May 2013. Mr Dewani has been accused of ordering his wife's murder on their honeymoon.

With both his mental conditions - a depressive illness and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - he has moved from a severe to a moderate diagnosis.

He remains at risk of suicide, though this is decreasing. His recovery is slow and they argue that it will be impeded by more court hearings at this time.

They say his best prospects of recovery are if there is an adjournment of 12 months.

Mr Dewani remains, according to his psychiatrist, unable to give an account of himself, with his memory loss possibly linked to his PTSD condition.

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