Right-to-Die Appeal

A judgement is expected at the High Court today on a Wiltshire man's right-to-die appeal. Tony Nicklinson from Melksham has suffered from locked-in syndrome since having a stroke 2005.

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Tony Nicklinson daughter: dad is condemned "to a couple more years of suffering"

Speaking in an interview with our reporter Rob Murphy, Tony Nicklinson's daughter, Lauren, has said her father losing his right-to-die appeal has only extended his suffering.

My Dad's been condemned to a couple more years' suffering than he would have had. If there is no (legal way) we can do this, the only way he can take is life without putting anyone else in the firing line is starvation....and it will be painful for him, it will take months and he will waste away - all the while, me Mum and Beth will have to watch him.

– Lauren Nicklinson

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