Gloucester incinerator decision

Councillors have unanimously rejected plans for a hugely controversial waste incinerator near Gloucester.

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'Legal challenge' launched against Javelin Park incinerator plans

A 'legal challenge' has been launched against plans for a giant waste incinerator at Javelin Park near Gloucester.

Liberal democrats, supported by the labour group on Gloucestershire County Council have 'called in' the proposals which will automatically trigger a debate.

The challenge, known as a call in will - says the liberal democrat group - "halt the award of a 25-year contract with Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) until the councillors on the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee can meet to review the process that led to the cabinet decision."

This council is taking a huge reputational and financial risk in awarding a 25-year contract to build a massive waste incinerator at Javelin Park costing £0.5 billion when there are clearly other alternatives.

We all accept that continuing to land fill is no longer an option, but the Avonmouth’s Mechanical Biological Treatment facility is a viable, cost-effective and far better approach to waste disposal than burning.

– Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr. Jeremy Hilton says

I am concerned that the Tory cabinet in signing this contract before planning permission has been determined and against public opinion is pushing this project to a point of no return.

– Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr. Jeremy Hilton says

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