Stephen Farrow Trial

The trial has begun of a man charged with murdering a vicar at his home in South Gloucestershire.

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Church volunteer calls Farrow "dark and violent"

The jury in the trial of Stephen Farrow has been hearing from Michaela Rowsell who met him at a church in Bridport after going there to help the homeless.

She says within two weeks a friend told her that Mr Farrow fancied her. "Did you feel the same way?", asked the prosecution. "No", she replied.

She told the court that the defendant invented meetings at church to see her.

She says she took him and two others a roast dinner at his Bridport flat. She says he became "dark and violent".

Michaela Rowsell later received texts saying "I love you, I miss you". On New Year's Eve 2011 the texts became nasty. She rang the police about one which left her petrified. It read in part:

As you reject me you will suffer. I will be just around the corner and you will never know when I will be there. You don't and never knew just how disturbed I am. The church will be the first to suffer. It was always going to end like this. You can all go to hell. Watch the news because you will know it was me.

– Part of a text by Stephen Farrow to Michaela Rowsell

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