Stephen Farrow Trial

The trial has begun of a man charged with murdering a vicar at his home in South Gloucestershire.

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Judge says Farrow was a sadist

The Judge, Mr Justice Field, said Farrow should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The Revered told you he would die and you repeated '***ing die then, hurry up and die'.You watched him die as life seeped out of him in the next three minutes.You then ransacked and placed a number of highly personal items around him. I am quite sure you did that to humiliate the Reverend and desecrate his memory.

I am quite sure you realised you would humiliate his family and the parishioners and congregation of the church. In each of these dreadful horrific killings you acted sadistically to put a knife deep into the body of Betty Yates as she lay helpless on the floor.

You then arranged her head on the pillow, which was an act of obvious sadism. You did that because you wanted to, she was not threatening you.In my view there is no question in this case of the imposition of a minimum term.

– Mr Justice Field, Judge

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