Bath inventor's bike light could save lives

The light designed by Bath-based Emily Brooke. Credit: University of Brighton

A revolutionary bike light invented by a woman from Bath has been hailed a major breakthrough in tackling one of the biggest causes of cycling deaths.

Called "Blaze" it projects a laser image of a bicycle from handlebars onto the road ahead, alerting motorists to the cyclist’s presence.

Emily Brooke came up with her safety device while studying product design at the University of Brighton. After two years of product development, she's now seen her invention launched to the public.

Emily said: “The journey has been incredible and it is so exciting to see the concept as an actual working product – and that it will go some way to helping cyclists be more visible on our roads.”

More than 3,000 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads last year and even Olympic champions including Britain’s Bradley Wiggins joined this year’s casualty list.

Studies show that almost 80% of casualties are hit when their cycle is going straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them.