Is this the world's most expensive bacon sandwich?

The Bacon Bling Sandwich, comes with sliced truffles, saffron and edible gold dust Credit: ITV Daybreak

A small cafe in Cheltenham is serving up what could be, the world's most expensive bacon butty, costing £150.

The Bacon Bling Sandwich, comes with sliced truffles, saffron, and is even sprinkled, with edible gold dust.

Cafe owner Paul Philips, 41, created the sandwich, to raise money for two charities, and to gain a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Paul is hoping to create a new category in the record books for the most expensive commercially available bacon butty.

According to Paul, each one takes around 15 minutes to make, with all the proceeds going to charity.

The cafe is raising money for SKRUM, a British charity which helps children in Swaziland learn to play rugby, and the Regular Forces Employment Association.

Ingredients for the Bacon Bling sandwich cost £50 and include:

Seven rashers of bacon from rare breed pig (type of breed varies depending on local availability)

One free range egg

Bun from a local bakers

Truffle oil instead of butter

Black truffle shavings

Water cress

Seasoning of saffron

Edible gold dust

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