Motor neurone disease 'guinea pig'

A Gloucestershire man who has motor neurone disease is offering to act a human guinea pig using unlicensed drugs, if it'll help medical research. He's now started a petition to speed up new drug trials.

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MP backs terminally-ill man's 'guinea-pig' plan

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (Con, The Cotswolds) is lending his support to a man with a terminal illness who is offering to act as a 'human guinea pig' for new treatments.

Speaking to our Political Correspondent Bob Constantine, Mr Clifton-Brown says he wants a world with 'treatable, not terminal' illnesses.

Les Halpin from Gloucestershire who has the terminal illness Motor Neurone Disease is offering to test new drugs which might help find a cure - or at least a more effective treatment. He has started a petition and set up a charity to try to speed up the licensing process, which can take years.

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