Anger over 'mansion' for mum

A housing association has said it will not now be moving a Churchdown mother and her 11 children into a brand new £500,000 property in Tewkesbury.

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'Mansion' mum says she would "love to work"

A jobless mother of 11 in Gloucestershire who made headlines after it emerged she was getting a newly built 'mansion' provided by a council said she "would love to go out and work".

Heather Frost, 36, who has not worked for years, said she had intended to set up her own business but fell ill with cancer two years ago.

The grandmother-of-two, who first fell pregnant at 14, said she "understood" why other people who go out to work might be angry that her large family is supported by the taxpayer.

I'd love to go out and work.

I took a business plan two years ago, I think it was, to try and open my own shop and do my own business but I fell ill. I'd love to come off benefits and support my children myself but there is help out there to help families.

– Heather Frost

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