New homes in Bath could be built on Green Belt land

Plans to build almost 13,000 new homes around Bath will be discussed by Bath & North East Somerset Council next week.

The Council has looked again at the numbers of homes needed over the next fifteen years, in response to concerns expressed by the draft Core Strategy Examination Inspector.

A range of options have been considered about where the extra homes should go.

Up to this point, the Core Strategy has prioritised development on Brownfield sites and some greenfield sites not in the Green Belt.

To find the room for the extra homes, the Council was required to conduct a Green Belt review.

As a result, some of the home location proposals – aimed at supporting economic prosperity, providing choice to local people and preventing unplanned development – are based in the Green Belt.

The Inspector’s key concern was the need to ensure that Bath & North East Somerset Council was properly addressing housing needs in the district.

The Council has already been able to identify a supply of around 10,800 new homes through maximising the use of brownfield sites and bringing empty properties back into use.

Additional locations for new housing have been identified on the edge of Bath, at Keynsham and Whitchurch. The housing supply in the Somer Valley and at sustainable villages has also been increased.

– Councillor Paul Crossley, (Lib-Dem, Southdown), Leader of Council

It’s important for the Council to agree upon a Core Strategy which meets our area’s housing needs whilst also taking account of our area’s sensitive environment and valued heritage, with new development aligned to improved infrastructure.

We look forward to debating the proposals as a Council next week.

– Councillor Francine Haeberling, (Conservative, Saltford), Leader of the Conservative Group