Stonehenge a 'Glastonbury'

Experts have said that gatherings at Stonehenge were like a 'Glastonbury festival' of the time, as people spent periods of time each year constructing the site and celebrating massive communal feasts.

Stonehenge was Glastonbury Festival of its day

Researchers said around 4,000 people would have gathered at the site each year Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Stonehenge was not built for astronomy but was constructed by thousands of people who flocked to the area for the ancient equivalent of Glastonbury festival, researchers have said.

Experts said the placement of the enormous stones united people from across Britain who joined together for mass feasts and to celebrate the winter solstice.

The findings come after a decade of research from University College London which included excavations, laboratory work and the analysis of 63 ancient human remains.

Professor Mike Parker Pearson, who led the team, said the findings overturn the belief that Stonehenge was built as an astronomical calendar or observatory.

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