Former England cricketer gets dunked

Former England international cricketer Darren Gough found himself making a splash as he was well and truly ‘dunked’ for six in the Underwater Escape Training Unit (UETU) at Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton.

Darren received basic under water training with Royal Naval personnel the like of which all military aircrew have to carry out frequently and which could quite literally mean the difference between life or death should an aircraft crash into the water.

Darren prepares to be submerged in the Underwater Escape Training Unit (UETU). Credit: RNAS Yeovilton

Initially the lights are left on in the pool area and the submerged cabin remains upright throughout as those on board have to knock out the nearest window in accordance with the safety brief and exit swimming up to the surface as if in a crash landing at sea.

Progression through various accident scenarios culminates in the cab being rotated upside down and the pool area plummeted into complete darkness!

The Underwater Escape Training Unit (UETU) goes underwater. Credit: RNAS Yeovilton

After being submerged six times, Darren said: “In sport we’re always told to control the controllable and unfortunately I can’t control under there. You are thinking if I don’t get out I’m going to drown”. Its very disorientating and I saw feet and followed at one point”.

If you are in a real Helicopter crash under water you don’t know what going to happen, its about getting to live another day”.

Darren survived his ordeal! Credit: RNAS Yeovilton