Actor has ear bitten off

'Casualty' actor Clive Mantle was rushed to hospital when men bit off part of his ear. The 55-year-old who lives in Wiltshire had asked the men to keep the noise down in the hotel where he was staying.

'Casualty' star has his ear partly bitten off

Clive Mantel - star of the BBC's Casualty - was taken to hospital after part of his ear was bitten off during an altercation in an hotel. The actor, who lives in Box, Wiltshire, had told the fellow guests at the Newcastle Travelodge to keep the noise down.

He was rushed to hospital after the attack on Sunday morning. A 32-year-old man from Hamilton in South Lanarkshire has been charged with wounding with intent and is due to appear before magistrates next month.

A second man has been released on bail in connection with the attack and a third man was released without charge.

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