"Encouraging" levels of interest in the Brewhouse

Administrators for the Brewhouse in Taunton say there has been "encouraging" levels of interest in the theatre and its facilities.

It comes on the day Taunton Deane Borough Council discuss making a bid for the theatre.

We can report that from a comprehensive marketing campaign we have received encouraging levels of interest in the theatre and its facilities.

It's our overriding desire to treat all interested parties fairly and give each the opportunity to promote their interest to offer.

The Administrators can confirm that they have to keep the detail and status of interested parties confidential.

After 12 April we will be carefully evaluating all proposals on their merits and ability to be delivered.

– Simon Girling, from administrators BDO


First show at Brewhouse Theatre

Taunton's Brewhouse Theatre has opened its first show under new management. It closed last February after it ran out of money but has been taken over by a team volunteers, the Taunton Theatre Association.