Anger over 'mansion' for mum

A housing association has said it will not now be moving a Churchdown mother and her 11 children into a brand new £500,000 property in Tewkesbury.

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Housing association response to 'mansion' mother

We’d like to stress that despite the media coverage around this property, at no point has this home been allocated to any particular family.

We are currently working with Tewkesbury Borough Council through the allocations process to identify households with suitable needs.

As part of this process we can confirm that the Frosts will not be moving into this property and we are currently looking at other options for the family.

All tenants who move into these properties will be issued with 12 month starter tenancies followed by fixed term tenancies, which allow us to continually assess household needs against property size and affordability.

– Severn Vale Housing Society Limited.

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