Reprieve for Bath loos

Some public toilets that were earmarked for closure in Bath could now stay open where there is no alternative provision.

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Bath Tories call for 'clarity' on toilet closures

We’re therefore pressing the Council to clarify the fate of the toilets still under threat of closure, including what progress has made on finding alternatives and what will happen if no alternatives are found. The Council must do this in advance of next Thursday’s Council debate.

It will strike many residents as pretty strange that at the same time as the Council is saying it is investing £2 million in better public toilets, it is closing nearly half of them down. At the moment it seems like the Council is handing a private company £2 million to run its public toilets, who will then also be able to keep the revenue generated from charging for their use. We haven’t seen the fine print of the contract, but from what we know it has to be questioned whether this is a good deal for the taxpayer.”

– Cllr Geoff Ward, Conservative Group on Bath & North East Somerset.

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