Badger cull arrest

A man from Gloucester has been arrested on suspicion of assault by officers responding to the badger cull.

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Calls for responsible behaviour over the badger cull

Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire, Martin Surl, has called on people with opposing views on the badger cull to act responsibly, consider their behaviour and co-operate with the police.

It comes three weeks into the start of the pilot badger cull in Gloucestershire.

His comments follow reports by members of the Wounded Badger Patrol about loud bangs in Tibberton earlier this week. They thought the noises were gun shots but police established there was no shooting in the area at that time. Instead, they were caused by crow scarers set off by cull operators.

If crow scarers were used as part of a diversionary tactic in an effort to frighten or confuse people either on the Wounded Badger Patrol or protesting peacefully, it is unhelpful and unacceptable. The police shouldn't have to spend their time responding to such irresponsible behaviour...

Equally... I am aware that some of the more extreme protesters are intimidating members of local communities. That is totally unacceptable.

The police are facilitating peaceful protest and if any protesters would like to speak to them, two dedicated liaison officers are available each night.

– Martin Surl, Gloucestershire PCC

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