Inquest into death of schoolgirl

An inquest is being held into the death of schoolgirl Megan White who died after collapsing at school in Cheltenham

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Coroner rules school girl dies from natural causes

An inquest into the death of a schoolgirl who collapsed suddenly has ruled she died from natural causes.

The inquest heard how 11 year old Megan White from Cheltenham had been "merry and laughing" with her friends at All Saints' Academy in the town. But she suddenly fell unwell and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where tests revealed she had suffered a small bleed on her brain.

Megan collapsed at school on January 13. She was taken to hospital where investigations showed a large bleed on her brain.

"She was transferred to Bristol Children's Hospital where despite treatment, she died on January 14. I am sorry that the experts have not been able to make it any clearer as to why this happened. She died of natural causes."

– Gail Elliman, deputy coroner for Avon

While she was in the emergency department, she had a larger bleed which caused her to go unconscious and at that point she was put on a breathing machine.

"She was taken to Frenchay Hospital and underwent neurosurgery. After that, unfortunately she was still showing signs of a very severe brain injury.

"This bleed occurred in an area very deep inside the brain where even a small bleed can cause a large amount of damage. We probably see two cases like this a year, where people come in with a small bleed then the second bleed occurs.

"Mostly, despite our best efforts, we are unable to save these children. It is very, very sad - going from someone who is quite normal to such devastating injury."

– Dr Margrid Shindler, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

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