Ed Miliband in Somerset today to discuss flood insurance

The Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, is visiting Somerset flood victims today to discuss insurance claims. His visit coincides with a Downing Street summit on the issue.

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Picture Gallery: Alney Terrace fights the floods

The pumping operation keeps the waters at bay in Gloucester Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin

High tide is expected at Alney Island in Gloucester this morning. The water did not overtop the flood defences last night but the Environment Agency still have a severe flood warning alert, meaning there's a potential danger to life.

Alney Terrace safe for the time being Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin
Taking no chances - sandbags in place in case of flooding this morning Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin
The River Severn in danger of over-topping Credit: ITV News/Ken Goodwin

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