Junior wardens monitor speeding drivers

PC Rob Dix explains how to monitor a vehicle's speed Credit: Two Rivers Housing Association

Pupils from St John's C of E Academy in Coleford, Gloucestershire have been monitoring the speed of motorists near their school.

The pupils from Year 5 and 6 spent an hour at the roadside, supported by Police, the local Street Warden and representatives of Two Rivers Housing.

The youngsters asked several drivers to pull over and talked to them about their speed. They asked them to consider slowing down and handed out mock tickets as a reminder.

Julie Griffiths, Deputy Headteacher at St John’s Academy, said: “The children took their responsibility very seriously. They couldn't wait to tell me that one driver was travelling at 37mph and another at 45mph!

This is a message to all of us to slow down when driving. Thank you to everyone involved in the project.”

The junior wardens chatted to drivers about their speed Credit: Two Rivers Housing Association