St Paul's Carnival

St Paul's Carnival is taking place in Bristol celebrating the city's Afro-Caribbean culture

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Sun comes out for St Paul's Carnival

More than 1,000 people have been parading around Portland Square Credit: ITV News West Country

The sun is out for St Paul's carnival and celebrations are in full swing.

More than 1000 people have been taking part in the masquerade around Portland Square.

The Carnival is a chance for community groups to show of their moves Credit: ITV News West Country

It's a chance for local schoolchildren and community groups to show off their finest dance moves and costumes. Primary schools around the city have been rehearing for months.

Crowds haven't been put of by the weather forecast Credit: ITV News West Country

Food stalls BBQ's are sizzling with Caribbean favourites such as jerk chicken, pork, and rice and peas. Today the celebrations will end at midnight instead of 2am, to save the organisers money.

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