62 jobs at risk as the Open University closes in Bristol

The Open University is closing it's regional centre in Bristol.

62 jobs are at risk in Bristol as the Open University decides to close it's centre in the City.

The Bristol branch is among seven regional centres that the Open University will close - with a loss of almost 500 jobs nationwide.

The University and College Union has described the decision as "catastrophic".

Staff and students based in Bristol will have to travel 44 miles to the nearest centre in Cardiff - one of just six centres remaining open.

The Open University is respected the world over for the way it brings quality higher education to a wide range of people. At the core of that mission are its dedicated regional staff who provide essential support to thousands of students and their tutors.

Axing almost 500 staff across seven centres would be catastrophic and decimate the Open University’s ability to provide the kind of local support that students need. We are unconvinced by the university’s talk of staff relocating, especially as this will mean hours spent in the car or on the train just trying to get to and from work.

– Pauline Collins, University and College Union