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Alex Beresford says stay cool in the hot weather

Alex Beresford is prepared for hot weather - will you spot the fact that he's wearing shorts on his broadcasts today? Credit: ITV News West Country

We caught our weather presenter Alex Beresford as he was about to record the forecast. Temperatures could reach 28 C today and, as you can see, Alex is making sure he stays cool in the hot weather.

As well as presenting the weather in shorts (and looking very presentable in the hot weather), Alex has some advice from Public Health England on keeping safe in the heatwave:

  • Try to keep out of the sun between 11am to 3pm
  • Apply sunscreen of at least SPF15 with UVA protection
  • Wear UV sunglasses, preferably wraparound, to reduce UV exposure to the eyes
  • Wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes, a hat and light scarf
  • Drink lots of cool drinks
  • Look out for others especially vulnerable groups such as older people, young children and babies and those with serious illnesses
  • Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle, especially infants, young children or animals



Alex's Blog: Prepare for a heatwave!

Credit: Ben Birchall/PA

All the attention might be on the Glastonbury Festival forecast at the moment, but next week is looking red hot with talk of a heatwave. A mass of very warm air is expected to spread northwards over the British Isles bringing temperatures in line with our continental neighbours like Spain and Portugal which may get even hotter. Central parts of France could hit a stifling 40C.

Here in Britain the heatwave is likely to boost temperatures to around 30C across southern parts of England. The north will also feel the effects of the heat, with the mercury rising into the low to mid 20's in places as far north as Scotland.

There is some uncertainty as to how long the heatwave will last, but it's likely to be for a couple of days before it cools off making the conditions more bearable.

There are some things we can do to prepare for this in the West Country, especially if you're elderly, young or vulnerable in the heat.

  1. Try to plan your trips early in the day rather than heading out in the midday heat.

  2. When outside look for areas of shade where you can perhaps take a break.

  3. Drink plenty of water keeping yourself well hydrated.

  4. When out in the sun remember to protect yourself from the UV light which is very strong at this time of year.

Pollen thrives off dry, settled sunny weather so you may find yourself sneezing a lot as levels are sure to spike during this time.

Heatwave's usually go out with a bang so don't be surprised when it all fall down with a thunderstorm.

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