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Bob's weather blog: it's been an unusually sunny September, but will it last?

Sunnies in September?! Turns out we had a lucky run Credit: Bob Crampton

Bob's weather blog

As we bathe in more sunshine, its no surprise that the Met Office have classed this month as sunnier but cooler than the average September. Also we've only had just over half of the expected rainfall.

Up to the 28th of this month, we've clocked up 137 hours of sunshine, thats 10% above the average. By the end of the day the total will be higher.

But being sunny doesn't necessarily mean warmer temperatures. The statistics show England was cooler - down 1.5C. Some cool nights and chilly mornings could be to blame.

As far as the glorious sunny weather goes, it will go after this coming weekend. Far more unsettled then with cloud and rain at times.



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