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Police presence increased ahead of NATO summit

Police officers representing several forces from around the country will be on the streets of Bristol and Bath over the next week, ahead of the NATO summit taking place in South Wales.

A number of delegates are staying at hotels in our region, as world leaders gather at the Celtic Manor Resort on Thursday and Friday. The increased security comes as the Home Secretary raised the terror alert to severe.

Four-day protest begins outside Cheltenham's GCHQ

GCHQ in Cheltenham

A four day protest is expected to begin this morning outside the Government's monitoring centre, GCHQ in Cheltenham.

Police say they may close Hubble Road around the site to deal with the planned protest by the UK Anonymous group. The action is taking place against surveillance of the public by UK and foreign Governments.

Cheltenham Police are asking any residents with access problems to contact them on the day.


Ambitious sailor 'would have died' trying to sail to US

One of the crewmen who rescued a sailor three miles off the coast of Dorset has said he could have died. The man, who is from Bulgaria was trying to sail to America in a 12ft dinghy.

When we reached the gentleman he didn't want us there, he wanted to carry on his way. His boat was not properly rigged so he was just getting battered, he was at the mercy of the elements. He didn't have a life-jacket, just a buoyancy aid and the vessel didn't have any lights.

All he had on was a bag of personal belongings which were a few odds and ends, a bag of biscuits, beans and hot dogs and a bag with his passport in.

He was obviously suffering from the first signs of hypothermia. He was only wearing a pack-a-mac jacket and leggings. He was absolutely sodden.

I ended up cuddling him at the back of the boat to keep him warm. He would have died, he was severely sea sick, he had the first signs of hypothermia and his boat was filling up with water.

– Pete Dadds, RNLI lifeboat crewman
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