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Zoo owner concerned at 9 month roadworks

The owner of the Tropiquaria zoo in West Somerset says a nine month building project could cause huge problems for his business.

Construction of a roundabout on the A39 for a new Park and Ride to Hinkley Point nuclear plant, will shut the B3190 to Watchet. It means people visiting the Tropiquaria Zoo will have to take a long diversion and the Zoo owner Chris Moiser says he is concerned


West Country (E)

Badger cull protestors gather at High Court

badger cull protestors
Badger cull protestors outside the High Court today Credit: ITV News West Country

Campaigners have gathered outside the High Court in London today for another hearing about the Government's badger cull.

The Badger Trust is seeking a ruling that there has been a failure to install an independent panel of experts to monitor this year's pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset. The culls are taking place to try to stop the spread of TB in cattle.

Police pledge to stop Bank Holiday illegal raves

illegal raves
Rubbish left after a previous rave on Dartmoor Credit: ITV News West Country

Devon and Cornwall Police have warned that they are prepared to prevent any illegal raves taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend.

It follows problems encountered at Bellever and Davidstowe in previous years and they say it diverts valuable resources away from regular policing

"Safety regulations used at all public events were introduced to ensure safety of those attending, yet illegal raves do not follow any guidance.

“These types of unregulated events are not only dangerous to those attending but cause disruption to people who live nearby.

“We have seen incidents where people have got lost in poor weather in very remote areas and come to harm, as well as people attending suffering medical episodes and in need of medical attention – yet due to terrain and the poor management of the rave site it is extremely difficult for police and other emergency services to respond.”

“We will take positive action regarding criminal activity and identify and target organisers. We can seize any equipment associated with the activity and take positive action against those suspected of offences such as drink-driving and drug possession.

“We also appeal to members of the public to keep us informed to help disrupt any illegal raves as early intervention is key; accurate and timely information can allow us to close down an event before it has even started.”

– Superintendent Craig Downham

Doomed ship leaves River Mersey to be scrapped

HMS Plymouth
HMS Plymouth Credit: PA

Doomed warship HMS Plymouth has left home, sailing the River Mersey, on its final journey to be scrapped in a foreign port.

The Royal Navy ship, where the Argentinians formally surrendered their garrison after invading South Georgia during the Falklands War, could not be saved, despite a 25-year long fight since it was decommissioned in 1988.

She sailed on the morning tide on the Mersey, leaving her berth for the open seas and is thought to be heading for a port in Turkey where she will be scrapped.

Campaigners had raised money to launch a legal action to have the ship "arrested" and prevent the ship leaving.

But Peel Ports, who own Vittoria Dock in Birkenhead where she has languished rusting and unloved for years, said they had no "practical choice" but to scrap the vessel.

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