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Portuguese man o' war washed up on Cornish beach

A team of volunteers cleaning up a Cornish beach have stumbled upon a Portuguese man o'war.

The Friends of Portheras Cove found it on Thursday morning.

The Portuguese man o'war is actually a colony of different organisms Credit: Friends of Portheras Cove

"These hydrozoans (not jellyfish) have a powerful sting, so DO NOT TOUCH" the group said.

"Although rare in the UK, such strandings do happen from time to time, and we had a spate at the cove back in the autumn of 2012."

The team said a resident biologist identified the man o'war and removed it safely.


Teenage 'millionaire' sent to jail after conning victims out of £100,000

Sam Cook conned more than £100,000 from unsuspecting clients.

A teenager who boasted about turning £2,000 into £21 million has been sentenced to 26 months in jail.

Sam Cook conned more than £100,000 from unsuspecting clients, after presenting himself as a successful investor and promising to invest his clients' money into stocks.

Instead he took the cash for himself and used it to buy a flat, take holidays abroad and bought himself a fake Ferrari.

He was sentenced at Plymouth Crown Court last week, where the judge told him he should be ashamed of his actions.

You are a man of previous good character, but these offences are serious, so serious that a custodial sentence is inevitable.

It is plain to me that this company you set up was fraudulent from the start.

You used money that was not yours to go on overseas holidays, and present an image of success. You should be ashamed.

– Judge Richard Powell

Women shoppers targeted in string of supermarket distraction thefts

A shopper loads supermarket plastic bags into boot of her car. Credit: Rui Vieira / PA Archive/PA Images

Police are warning women shoppers to be vigilant after five offences of distraction thefts in supermarket car parks in Devon and Cornwall.

Women have been targeted in Plymouth, Newton Abbot and Saltash while loading up their cars with shopping.

In each situation, a woman has been approached by a man asking for directions, usually to the local Post Office.

While the victim is distracted a male or female accomplice has then entered the car and stolen credit or debit cards from a handbag or purse.

None of the women were harmed but one victim was defrauded of £11,000 after her bank card was stolen.

We would ask women to be aware of this distraction technique which preys upon their good nature by asking for help with directions. This individual sounds very genuine and looks smart.

Police are advising female shoppers to lock other car doors and windows while they are loading their groceries and to keep their handbags and purses on them.

– Detective Sergeant Jamie Gilbert


US warship arrives in Plymouth for five day visit

Navy rocket destroyer USS Jason Dunham has arrived in Plymouth. Credit: Michal Fludra / Demotix / PA Images

The USS Jason Dunham has arrived for a five day visit to Plymouth.

The 300 strong crew on board are planning visits to Plymouth's Mayflower Steps and Stonehenge while they're in the UK.

The ship is on her way home from a major exercise in the Baltic which also involved the Devonport based commando assault ship, HMS Ocean.

She is named after a US Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honour posthumously for saving the lives of his colleagues in Iraq.

Michael Foot memorial to be unveiled in Plymouth park

A memorial to former Labour leader Michael Foot will be unveiled in Plymouth later today at 3.30pm, five years after his death.

£40,000 has been raised for a memorial granite bench which will stand in Freedom Fields.

Labour leader Michael Foot on his morning walk. Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Mr Foot who passed away in 2010, was the MP for Plymouth Devonport for many years and was born in a house which overlooked the park.

The Labour leader was also a keen Plymouth Argyle fan.

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