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Campaigners start project to clean up region's beaches

A project to improve bathing water quality at two of the region's beaches has been launched today.

Wildersmouth at Ilfracombe in North Devon and Porth in Newquay, Cornwall are predicted to fail the latest bathing water tests.

The charity Surfers Against Sewage has been working with the Environment Agency on a Cleaner Coastal Catchment Initiative to improve the water standards.

It involves working with local residents, businesses and land owners to change their practices.

The solutions with the cleaner coastal catchment are really simple, it's things like never use the toilet as a wet bin, think before you flush, don't put fats, oils and greases down the sink.

For farmers it's about improving land management practices, so keeping cattle out of streams, and keeping pollution from the run off of the land out of those streams as well.

– Andy Cummins, Surfers against Sewage

With it's central position, the town's Mayor says it's vital to get a good bathing water rating at Wildersmouth or visitors will be put off.

Ilfracombe is here because of the beaches and because of the sea, and if we lose some of the quality of that then we lose a little bit of Ilfracombe. That's the reason it developed in lots of ways because the Victorians found it a wonderful place to come on holiday and lots of other people have as well, so we need it to be clean.

– George Squires, Mayor of Ilfracombe

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Michael Foot memorial unveiled in Plymouth

A memorial to former Labour Party leader Michael Foot has been unveiled in Plymouth.

The memorial, in Freedom Fields Park, was paid for by donations from a public appeal.

The former Labour leader died in 2010 Credit: Seth Conway/ITV News

"The support the appeal has received from Plymouth businesses has been incredible and testament to how popular Michael was" said Luke Pollard, one of the organisers.

Chairman of the Michael Foot Memorial Appeal Peter Jones at the opening of the memorial Credit: Seth Conway/ITV News

Mr Foot served as MP for the city from 1945 to 1955, before going on to win a seat in south Wales in 1960.

"Michael loves benches where he could sit down in a park and read" said appeal chairman Peter Jones.

"It's fantastic that the memorial overlooks Plymouth Sound... he felt that the sea defined the city".


Portuguese man o' war washes up on Cornish beach

A team of volunteers cleaning up a Cornish beach have stumbled upon a Portuguese man o'war.

The Friends of Portheras Cove found it on Thursday morning.

The Portuguese man o'war is actually a colony of different organisms Credit: Friends of Portheras Cove

"These hydrozoans (not jellyfish) have a powerful sting, so DO NOT TOUCH" the group said.

"Although rare in the UK, such strandings do happen from time to time, and we had a spate at the cove back in the autumn of 2012."

The team said a resident biologist identified the man o'war and removed it safely.

Teenage 'millionaire' sent to jail after conning victims out of £100,000

Sam Cook conned more than £100,000 from unsuspecting clients.

A teenager who boasted about turning £2,000 into £21 million has been sentenced to 26 months in jail.

Sam Cook conned more than £100,000 from unsuspecting clients, after presenting himself as a successful investor and promising to invest his clients' money into stocks.

Instead he took the cash for himself and used it to buy a flat, take holidays abroad and bought himself a fake Ferrari.

He was sentenced at Plymouth Crown Court last week, where the judge told him he should be ashamed of his actions.

You are a man of previous good character, but these offences are serious, so serious that a custodial sentence is inevitable.

It is plain to me that this company you set up was fraudulent from the start.

You used money that was not yours to go on overseas holidays, and present an image of success. You should be ashamed.

– Judge Richard Powell
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