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Ian Axton: A look into the fuel panic

Queues continue as people panic buy fuel Photo: ITV West

Our presenter Ian Axton has been looking at how petrol stations have been affected on his route to work this morning.

BP Salisbury, Wiltshire Credit: Ian Axton

10.47 am - there are queues at Waitrose petrol station in Salisbury.

Waitrose petrol station, Salisbury Credit: Ian Axton

11.02 am - No problems here on the Esso A36 Stapleford Wiltshire.

Esso A36 Stapleford Wiltshire Credit: Ian Axton

11.13 am - a 'No unleaded' sign goes up at Codford service station Wiltshire.

Codford service station Wiltshire Credit: Ian Axton

11.28 am - Queues at Warminster services A36 Wiltshire.

Warminster services A36 Wiltshire Credit: Ian Axton

11.43am -Dry pumps at Beckington services near Frome Somerset. Cashier says sold out due to 'greedy people'.

Beckington services near Frome Somerset Credit: Ian Axton

12.00 pm - Pumps also dry out at Esso Odd Down in Bath as they await delivery.

Esso in Odd Down, Bath Credit: Ian Axton

12.15pm - Same story at Texaco in Keynsham Bristol. Not a drop of petrol.

Texaco Keynsham Bristol Credit: Ian Axton

12.30pm - We know there won't be a strike before Easter, but they're still queuing here Brislington Bristol.

Shell garage, Brislington, Bristol. Credit: Ian Axton