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Yeovilton air day: Historic moments

As the press gather to see some of the aircraft that will be showcased at this June's air day at RNAS Yeovilton, we look at a few moments in the airshow's history. The show features historic and modern aircraft - and while aerobatics are a popular attraction - whether wing-walking or the impressive displays of the Red Arrows - there is always a focus on planes and helicopters that have a main role in defending our country.

2011 marked the 40th anniversary of the Lynx helicopter Credit: ITV West

In 2010 spectators were treated to the only flying version of the Vulcan bomber which played a key role during the Cold War. It is now a common sight at air shows across the country. The 2010 event paid tribute to RNAS Yeovilton itself - it was the 70th anniversary of the airbase.

The Vulcan bomber was scrapped after the Falklands War Credit: ITV West

Among the aircraft on display in 2006 was Yeovilton's restored Sea Fury. Built in 1943 this powerful beast was way ahead of its time. And fought with distinction in North Korea where it came up against Russian built Migs.

The Sea Fury was built in 1943 Credit: ITV West

In 2003 organisers welcomed the sea harrier squadron, which used to be based at Yeovilton - no one could fail to be impressed by the jet's vertical take-off but they've now entered the history books themselves, replaced by a new generation of aircraft.

The Sea Harrier is another impressive aircraft consigned to the history books Credit: ITV West

Watch the report from Bob Cruwys of RNAS Yeovilton's Air Day in 2011: