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Hundreds of bakers in Downing Street protest

Cornish pasty makers were apart of the 300-people protest over 'Pasty Tax' Photo: ITV West Country

Pasty makers from Cornwall have been in London protesting at government plans for a so-called 'Pasty Tax'.

They joined a demonstration opposite Downing Street over moves in the budget to impose 20% VAT on hot savoury snacks - a move which campaigners say threatens four hundred jobs in the duchy.

In total, about 300 furious pasty manufacturers gathered on Whitehall.

Cornish MPs delivered petition of half a million signatures to Downing Street Credit: ITN

Cornish MPs and six representatives from the baking industry also presented a petition of nearly 500,000 signatures to No 10.

The protest was organised by Greggs, the high street bakery chain, and the National Association of Master Bakers.

Last week a move by Labour to block the ''pasty tax'' was defeated despite a revolt by 14 coalition backbenchers – nine Tories and five Liberal Democrats.

The demonstration took place opposite Downing Street Credit: ITN

The Prime Minister previously told the Commons he understood why ''feelings in Cornwall run high on this'' but insisted it was unfair that other takeaway food was covered by the tax while pasties were not.

The proposed consultation period over the new tax ends on 18 May. The proposed change due to take effect from the beginning of October.