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First china clay pit in thirty years opens in Cornwall

More investment in Cornwall's china clay industry Photo: ITV Westcountry

It is an industry that has shaped Cornish villages and their communities for decades. Today a new china clay pit is being unveiled in the Duchy. The pit at Higher Moor, near Roche, will be Imerys’ first in the UK in almost thirty years. It borders the existing Littlejohns pit, close to the villages of Whitemoor and Stenalees in Mid Cornwall.

Littlejohns china clay pit Credit: ITV Westcountry

The china clay giant has created a short life pit, which means it will be fully restored by 2018. As part of the Karslake complex, the Higher Moor site forms part of what is believed to be the biggest china clay pit in the world. The complex is managed by Cornishman Ed Buscombe.

Blackpool china clay pit Credit: ITV Westcountry

Initial extraction at the site began in May creating the French company’s first pit in the UK since 1984. The company has said its latest investment will help maximise available reserves by preserving the lifespan of other pits, as well as safeguarding jobs.

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