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Slugs destroy Westcountry crops

Slugs are eating crops as they thrive in the wet weather Photo: ITV West

Farmers across the West Country say their crops are being destroyed by an invasion of slugs.

The wet and mild weather is creating the perfect conditions for the pests.

It seems gardeners are being affected too, with DIY store B&Q reporting a 74% increase in slug pellet sales.

Organic farmers who aren't allowed to use pesticides say they're being worst hit.

Tree of Life Organics farms 6 acres of land at Mithian in Cornwall, and sells its produce through a vegetable box scheme.

Owner Marie Welsh says she has lost half of her lettuce crop to the creatures, meaning a loss of £400.

Marie Welsh, Farmer: "It's the worst we've known it in 16 years of running the business. The slugs are eating everything, even rhubarb."