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Police in Newquay 'winning the battle' to cut under age drinking

Alcohol seized from Newquay youngsters Photo: ITV Westcountry

This is the amount of alcohol seized in the past two weeks in Newquay from teenagers. Although it may look like a lot, the amount is down on previous years, proof say the authorities, that they're winning the battle to crack down on under age drinking and rowdyism in the town.

"I think we are but I think it's a long long term battle a ten year battle.In the last two weeks we've made forty five arrests in the town centre. Only nine of those were under eighteens so I think we are getting there, crime is down this year at the moment compared to last year," says Ian Drummond-Smith of Newquay Police.

The confiscated haul, now in storage at Newquay police station, represents two hundred and fifty seven individual seizures. It ranges from boxes of beer to strong spirits.

They may be winning the battle against under age boozing and bringe drinking but there are still disturbing incidents going on, one here in Dane Road, just the other week.

A sixteen year old girl and her friends had a private apartment hired for them for the week and we were called there on their last night where they were having a party and there was about twenty sixteen year olds in their at the time.The toilet had been ripped off the wall, with water everywhere and a sixteen year old boy from Bristol was in a bad state and had to be taken to hospital by emergency ambulance, because of the sheer amount of alcohol he'd drunk.

Scenes like this may be on the decline, but the police and other agencies know it won't be conquered overnight.