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Royal Navy Merlins arrive at Yeovilton to prepare for Olympics

The Merlin helicopter is the world’s most potent submarine hunting helicopter Photo: Royal Naval

Royal Navy Merlins from the 814 Naval Air Squadron (the Flying Tigers), have arrived at Yeovilton's Air Station, to prepare for their role in providing maritime security during the Olympic Games in Weymouth.

The squadron’s personnel, based at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall, have been preparing for their Olympics role for the last couple of months. They've been taking part in a series of training missions, alongside Royal Navy and Royal Marine units, and Government agencies.

Preparations begin ahead of the Olympic games Credit: Royal Naval

The Merlin helicopter is described as the world’s most potent submarine hunting helicopter, with state-of-the-art active sonar and passive sonobuoys. It will also be used for sea surveillance, search and rescue, and the transfer of passengers and equipment.

The Merlin's will be based near Weymouth Bay during the Games Credit: Royal Naval

They'll be based outside of Yeovilton during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Merlins will be flying to and from HMS Bulwark, which is positioned in Weymouth Bay, close to the Olympic Sailing Regatta.

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