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Reshuffle brings return of Yeovil MP David Laws

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg welcomes MP David Laws Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Today's reshuffle offers a way back from the political wilderness for David Laws - Yeovil's Liberal Democrat MP.

One of the team who helped stitch together the coalition agreement, he spent just 17 hectic days alongside the Chancellor as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

But he stepped down after revelations about his expenses - a complicated saga involving rent to a landlord who was also his partner, in breach of Parliamentary rules.

He was later forced to apologise and briefly suspended from Parliament.

MP David Laws was previously Secretary to the Treasury Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

But now David Cameron clearly feels a man with strong economic credentials has served his penance and is bringing him back as an education minister - a department he has wide knowledge of, having been his party's spokesman in Opposition.

He can be expected to get on well with Michael Gove and support free schools and changes to exam marking.

One shock though is the removal of Nick Harvey, Lib Dem MP for North Devon, as Armed Forces minister.

MP Nick Harvey has been removed from role as Armed Forces Minister Credit: Wong Maye-E/AP/Press Association Images

It's part of a wider balancing of Conservative and Lib Dem numbers - the Lib Dems want a minister in Defra, so have to forfeit one elsewhere - and Mr Harvey, generally perceived to have worked hard and performed well, is being sacrificed.

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