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Expensive Cheese

Expensive cheeses at the Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show Photo: ITV West

Cheese made from donkey milk and gold encrusted cheddar are among the world's most expensive cheeses which have been put on display in Somerset. Some of the cheese costs more than eight hundred pounds per kilo.

They're at the Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show which is celebrating its 151st anniversary this year. The show includes the Global Cheese Awards which have attracted more than a thousand entries.

One of the judges this year was a former star of Coronation Street who's become a cheesemaker - Sean Wilson who played Martin Platt for more than twenty years. But the stars of the show were undoubtedly the cheeses.

Others on display included a Brie made with truffles which costs ten times the price of supermarket Brie and a Frech sheep's cheese made by Benedictine Monks. But it is the cheese made from donkey milk that attracts the honour of being most expensive.

Pule is made from the milk of a hundred donkeys which graze on the Zasavica reserve north of Belgrade in Serbia. It's expensive because the donkey's don't produce much milk.

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