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Gloucestershire incinerator row

What the proposed incinerator could look like Photo: Gloucestershire County Council

Almost everyone agrees that we cannot continue to fill up holes in the ground with our rubbish. But the question is, what do we do with it?

Gloucestershire County Council wants to burn it, and use the heat it generates as power. This is a fairly common practice on the continent, and there are also some similar sites in the UK. But it is not without controversy.

The site chosen by GCC is at Javelin Park, near Haresfield in Gloucestershire. The council has signed an agreement with a consortium Urbanser Balfour Beatty to construct and run the incinerator. But a local campaign group, GlosVain, argue that the building is way too big. A video they have made shows it in comparison to a cathedral and a local church.

Stroud district councillor David Drew says that there are a number of concerns about the proposal, including its cost and size.

But Gloucestershire County Council's waste boss Cllr Stan Waddington, says although size may be an issue, it is up to the developers to make a case to planners.

You can watch the full report by our Gloucestershire correspondent Ken Goodwin here:

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