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Exeter PCSO told... "stop Tweeting"

Tweeting is now commonplace on most mobile phones Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

'Free The Topsham 1' is an unlikely headline, but its it is the name of a topic on social media site Twitter that is attracting more and more more contributors.

For PCSO Sarah Giles, is it a case of PC madness? She`s at the centre of a debate over her Twitter account. Writing under the name of @topshampolice where she works, she has been asked to stop tweeting after complaints from Exeter Students Guild.

She's been helping out in the city during the start of term. Her tweets reflect her work. So that includes all the ones where she`s been advising young females to walk safely home and others too which include comments like "more student mayhem". But should she be stopped from tweeting? And then of course there are the incidents where two students were reported to the university after being caught trying to steal road signs in a shopping trolley.

The students guild is concerned that the tweets painted students in a bad light, although some students we spoke to said it should all be treated as a bit of fun and free speech .

Devon and Cornwall Police say Twitter is very useful, but care and sensitivity needs to be shown too. PCSO Sarah Giles is a highly respected member of her community and she has a great following. One social media expert told us the Topsham police account is even used as an example of good practice as a great way to engage your community with useful information.