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Day two: Trevarrian fire inquest

Be Philpotts and his mother Patricia Photo:

A man suspected of killing his wife and ten-year-old son shouted "I should have died in the fire, I wanted to die," after he was arrested.

An inquest in Truro heard today from the police officers who found Harold Philpotts after a fire at his estranged wife's home in Newquay two years ago.

Patricia Philpotts and their son Ben were found in the house. Mrs Philpotts died of severe burns, Ben from extensive head injuries. A sledgehammer was found in his bed.

Pc Stuart Faraday said he'd been sent to look for Mr Philpotts by officers at the scene because he'd been seen leaving the house after the fire.

When he found him nearby initially he kept away from him because he looked intimidating and he suspected he might be violent.

When he arrested him, he discovered Mr Philpotts arms and face were badly burned. He said he smelled strongly of petrol.

In a statement read to the inquest another officer who'd travelled to hospital with Mr Philpotts said he never asked about his wife or son and only seemed concerned about himself.

The inquest has heard Mr Philpotts had a history of mental health problems and that his wife planned to divorce him.

It's due to end tomorrow.

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