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Judge delays making radiotherapy ruling

Sally and Neon Roberts. Photo: PA

A High Court judge has delayed making a decision on whether a seven-year-old boy, whose mother from Devon ran away with him to Brighton to stop him having cancer treatment, can undergo radiotherapy treatment following surgery on a brain tumour.

Mr Justice Bodey told the hearing in the Family Division of the High Court that there had been developments regarding Neon Robert's ability to be treated.

The judge is due to hear further evidence at a High Court hearing on December 18.

Sally Roberts wanted her son to be given natural remedies as he recovers from surgery on a brain tumour. Neon's father, Ben, who lives in London and is separated from Ms Roberts wants him to undergo the treatment.

Doctors had told the court that Neon might die within months without radiotherapy treatment, and urged the judge to give them the go-ahead.

After the hearing, Sally Roberts spoke to the media:

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