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Joss Stone: I never locked the door, no-one in Devon does

Artist's impression Photo: Court artist

Singer Joss Stone was elegant and dignified and as she faced the two men accused of conspiring to kill her, today. Junior Bradshaw and his older flatmate 34-year-old Kevin Liverpool deny the charges but before the arrival of Jocelyn Eve Stoker (her real name) we heard more references to the gruesome plot.

Texts from Kevin Liverpool indicated they were hoping a third individual known as Junior Judge would help them. From January to May the messages included phrases like, "I am going to take out Joss Stone", "get me a car and weapons", in another "some semi automatics".

No guns were produced and Kevin Liverpool bought a car with Junior Bradshaw at the end of May. Two witnesses reported seeing a car with three people in it around that time near Joss Stone's house and near her father`s home in Exeter.

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool, the two men accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone Credit: SWNS

Joss stone introduced a video to the jury which showed her former property filmed by MTV. The prosecution claim it was viewed by the defendants in their research to try to establish where she was living. She also read out her schedule from her agent's diary which showed she was likely to be at home during the week the pair were arrested.

She answered all the questions openly and perhaps a little too honest at times as she revealed there wasn`t a proper lock on the door of her home and while she had a burglar alarm it was rarely on.

She said that's how everyone lived around her and felt she had nothing to worry about until that day, when the police arrived and informed here there was a plot to kidnap her. Officers returned later to tell her they believed it was a plot not to kidnap but to take her life.

In many respects she was her usual self in court. She appeared unflustered, but keen to avoid further attention from the media, as she slipped out of an entrance that is very rarely used for visitors to the court.

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