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Facts about the collapsed Bridgwater wall

West Quay wall in Bridgwater Photo: ITV Westcountry

The collapse of the historic West Quay wall in Bridgwater was certainly dramatic but some engineers are now surprised it hadn`t happened before.

Here are some facts about the wall that you might not have known before:

  • The stone wall was rather thin and behind it were tonnes of loose material.
  • Its construction was most likely to have been ordered by James Brydges the First Duke of Chandos but no-one can be certain.
  • For the repairs, all the stone was recycled and new piling put behind but it was an extremely challenging site as 500 tonnes of silt would wash in on the tide from the River Parrot daily.
  • Last year the street was nearly flooded out after the heavy flooding of the Somerset levels combined with high Autumn tides.
  • Engineers used some pioneering techniques to overcome the problems they faced and their work achieved the Fleming Award 2012 for excellence in geotechnical design and construction.