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Missing for 70 years: WW2 bomber found off Plymouth

The 'Sunderland flying-boat' before the accident. Photo: ITV News

A doomed WWII RAF bomber has been discovered in the Plymouth Sound - 70 years after it crash-landed while taking servicemen to Gibraltar for a Christmas break. Flight W3998 crashed during take-off in December 1941, killing 11 RAF airman and leaving only four survivors. All those who died were aged between 18-21.

Remains of the 'flying-boat' plane. It had a galley and toilet onboard and could stay airborne for 12 hours.

The aircraft, which has been missing for 70 years, has been discovered in the sea off Plymouth Sound by professional diver Danny Daniels. He believes the airmen's bravery should be remembered. Watch Richard Lawrence's full report here: