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Would you buy a wonky vegetable?

These cucumbers may be a bit curious but they certainly taste the same, if not better. Photo: PA

A new report has found that up to 40% of a farmer's crop can get ploughed back into the field as supermarket buyers refuse so-called ugly or wonky vegetables.

The UK's global food security programme says up to 2/5 of a crop can be rejected because it doesn't look right.

This rather large - and bent - marrow was grown at River Cottage HQ

Yet at River Cottage headquarters, on the Devon/Dorset border they're proud to grow all sorts of weird and wonderful veg.

They say it's up to customers to demand natural-looking products.

Farm shops are happy to sell potatoes covered in earth and wiggly carrots, as opposed to some supermarkets Credit: PA

It's a view that's shared by our viewers

It is NOT WE the consumer who like our veg straight but the supermarkets who have decided that we WILL have our veg straight. Imagine what happens to all the non-straight veg! It probably goes to compost or landfill! What a waste!

– Matt Mitchell

It does go to landfill. To think that we now have food banks because loads of people can't afford to live in this country.

– Sue Alexander

I for one don't care a bit what shape they are, but we're not given the choice.

– Carole Dorran

Veg is Veg, some people are far to fussy!

– Robb Williams

One supermarket has defended itself saying it will still buy the crop and use it across its range.

Here's Seth Conway's report.

Some of you have sent in pictures of wonky vegetables you have come across. Here are a couple:

Hayley Robins' son grew this somewhat curvacious cucumber Credit: Hayley Robins
Scotty's son is modelling a carrot that he got cheap because it was so big Credit: @whitear50
This monster was grown on an allotment in Somerset. It was 172 cm long and weighed 6.8 kg and is actually a type of courgette Credit: Ben Nicholas
Is this a potato or a teddy bear? You decide Credit: Dan Craze