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Children brush up on Cornish with new dictionary

The dictionary uses pictures to help the children learn the ancient language Photo: ITV News West Country

Now every parent will know how much children enjoy reading picture books - and the importance of them in building up their language skills.

In Cornwall they're being used to keep an ancient language alive too - thanks to a new Cornish to English visual dictionary.

Kids at Pennowarth Primary School in Redruth have spent the day brushing up their Cornish language skills.

Teaching assistant Michelle Atkinson says "the visual clues are much better because some children aren't able to read as much as others so this allows all of the children to access Cornish as well and yes I think it is really good, it gives them something bright, colourful, vibrant."

The dictionary appears to be effective with many of the children picking up the basics quickly.

The children are quickly picking up the language Credit: ITV News West Country