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Hope for Henry Hallam

Four-year-old Henry Hallam has just gone through a year's treatment for neuroblastoma Photo:

Henry Hallam's year-long battle against a rare type of cancer has won the hearts of many in the West Country.

Henry Hallam and his little sister Georgie when he was having treatment in Bristol Credit: Hugs for

He also won the hearts of our Health Correspondent Jacquie Bird and cameraman Matt Mulcrone, who first met him in April filmed him at his home in Plymouth earlier this year.

Even though he'd been very ill, he persuaded Matt to let him have a go on his camera - that's no mean feat.

Henry trying his hand at camera work with our cameraman Matt Mulcrone earlier this year Credit: ITV News West Country

The four-year-old had his last bout of chemotherapy at the weekend. His family actually moved to Bristol so they could be near to him while he had his year-long treatment at Bristol Children's Hospital. His little sister Georgie was even born there!

They're now back home in Plymouth but on Monday will travel back to Bristol Children's Hospital to find out if it was a success.

If now, his parents have started a charity to raise £500,000 to take Henry abroad to try other treatments - but they hope they don't have to.

Henry may look well now and hopefully we will get the results that we need that he is all clear in a couple of months. But the chances of Henry getting this again are there. So we desperately need to continue the fundraising to make sure the funds are there should we need them, should the cancer come back.

– Elsbeth Hallam, Henry's mother

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