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More and more consumers want to know exactly where their food comes from

Devin chillies Photo: ITV News Westcountry

These days, more and more consumers want to know exactly where their food comes from, and that it is locally sourced.

Brixham fish market is the busiest in England, they provide £25 million of fish a year to businesses across the country.

Recently reopened after a multi-million pound refit, its high tech sales can track the fish quite literally from the boat to the throat.

Devon's rich landscape makes ideal growing conditions for many different crops, and the West Country has become a gastronomic haven.

It is not all pasties and cream teas here you know!

Who would have thought that in between cereals and grain we would find chillies?

Anyone for gin? Credit: ITV News Westcountry

The South Devon Chilli Farm started as an extended hobby - now they grow 10,000 plants a year and are exporting their crops across the UK and into Europe.

Of course here in the west country we have the sea as part of our larder, but further inland we get lots of our ingredients too.

From the more usual things like jams and preserves, to edible flowers.

Fresh from the sea Credit: ITV News Westcountry

All things that can make a perfect meal, including award winning wines.

But the start of a good meal? An aperitif of course and a at Plymouth Gin on the historic Barbican, they have been distilling their own gin on the premises since the late 1700s and now it has seeing something of a resurgence.

At its worst point, Plymouth Gin was distilling just twice a year, now they make gin twice a week.

The thriving Royal William Yard in Plymouth has seen three new restaurants open this year alone, the Yard makes and cooks and prepares everything from scratch.